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." from high-end fashion on the oscar red carpet, to host seth macfarlane's red hot opening number. >> are you okay? >> i am now. >> reporter: where he first mocked his own dark sense of humor. then turned on his high class charm. it was an exciting kickstart to the 85th annual academy awards. christoph waltz won best supporting actor. and best supporting actress anne hathaway her first oscar. >> it is such an honor, thank you. >> reporter: this year's show was jam packed with musical numbers, including tributes to "chicago," "les miserables," and the 50th anniversary of james bond with "skyfall" and adele taking home an oscar for best original song. >> believe in me all the time. >> reporter: best director went to -- >> ang lee. >> thank you, movie god. >> reporter: jennifer lawrence won best actress. >> you guys are just standing up because you feel really bad that i fell. that's really embarrassing, but thank you. this is nuts. >> reporter: and best actor went to daniel day-lewis. >> three years ago, before we decided to do a straight swap, i had actually been committed to play
and jimmy fallon give us what to expect. >> seth macfarlane and jenna elfman from 1600 penn. music from nora jones. >> jason schwartman is my guest and kerri russell. >> friday, february 8. the jackpot is estimated at $11. let's see if we can make a millionaire. 20, 39, 15, 50, 6. mega ball -- 5. if no, one matches no tuesday to be $30 the average 95 in the playoff games this year -- will the ravens pay the wide receiver $6 million? we do not know. but if the ravens cut him, he says he will retire. numerous reports say les miles will hire cameron to be his offensive coordinator. [indiscernible] good news. always suffered a mild knee sprain -- only suffered a mild knee sprain. he established himself as a dominant force on the ravens defense. playing host to cnn tonight -- to sienna. goes the other way. sienna hung awhile. [indiscernible] bobby ocean. alleyoop. loyola wins 63-51. winston salem. .th ranked maryland visiting a steal. the acc player of the eyar taking care of the rest -- of the year taking care of the rest. chelsea douglas. could trigger. -- quick trigger. sienna hawkins for 3. t
for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight satisfies show? >> seth macfarlane makes it through the show while avoiding any controversy. just kidding he is being called racist, anti-sametic and sexist and homophobic. and want to add in a bottle of soda when you on ready a pizza? if you live in new york city you will thought be able to. if you don't live in new york city, i commend on you your choice. and meatballs made of horse meat? some say yes and others say nay. greg? >> hour hay -- or hay as a sidedish? >> i will be here all week. >> i am not sure about that. >> we'll see jie. go away. >>> let's welcome our guest. if thoughtful commentary were a cruiseship many couples would spend their honeymoon on her. contributor, great place, and he is so smart that mnsa takes tests to enter him, jaime weinstein. he is one of the authors of the e book "the lizard king." and in spain he is considered topous, bill schulz. and because i lost a bet, sitting next to me comedian paul mccurio. you can check him out as well as his lips on his pod cast on itunes called the paul mccuri
, everyone involved with the movie gets thanks. >>> and seth macfarlane, the best or boob? the speeches, the dresses, even the fall. >> what went through my mind when i fell down? a bad word that i can't say. >> you're live in the "cnn newsroom." >>> good morning. thank you so much for being with me this monday morning. i'm carol costello. we begin this morning with new ripples of a sex scandal jolting the vatican and the final days of pope benedict's rule. this morning the vatican says he has accepted the resignation of scotland's archbishop. cardinal keith o'brien has been dogged by accusations he abused four men in the 1980s, all of those men studying to become priest. this as pope benedict delivered his final public prayer ceremony and accusation that a scandal may have prompted the first papal resignation in 600 years. cnn's ben wedeman looks at the explosive claims thundering through the vatican. >> reporter: reports broke in two leading italian publications suggests his reason for resigning was far more explosive. shock at the discovery of a network of gay priests at the vatican
treatment for machine they pause could lower the risk. >>> and we'll take a look at seth macfarlane. >>> answering your heart questions. doctor, what's the best way to pick a cardiac surgeon. >> often times patients are referred by their cardiologist. the thing i advise patients on you have to establish a rapport, be comfortable with the person. they have a top answer your questions, want to spend time with you and put you at ease. you have to feel a sense of comfort level that that person knows what they're doing and how they will perform it. you can look on the internet. word of mouth is a good way. people in the community know who's a good operator. >> maybe you should shop around as well. >> the phone banks are sitting by waiting for your calls. the number to call, 410-481-2222. thrp' here until 6 -- they're here until 6:30. >>> a beautiful finish to an otherwise cold and cloudy day. it looks good looking out the window from downtown. for most of us it was a cold deal. windy at kent island. the sun came out earlier from the bay bridge south. clouds held tougher north. here in to
his second supporting actor. as for the host, reviews are in. it's a mixed bag for seth macfarlane. "time" magazine calls him "american dud." but the washington post thought that he proved his worth calling him a "versatilite host." we'll show you ben affleck's rambling acceptance speech. >>> but first, let's get to the news, here, live at 5:30 a.m. we begin overseas, where afghan president karzai gets his way, american special forces will be banned from a key area in the country within two weeks. it follows allegations from karzai's government that afghans working we let u.s. troops are responsible for the kidnapping, torture and killing of villagers in twest of kabul. in the wardak province. the ban raises new questions, though, about the u.s.-led mission in afghanistan where the on coalition has been relying heavily on special forces as american troops are withdrawing from the fight. >>> president obama has ordered of course 34,000 u.s. forces out of afghanistan by this time next year, the combat mission is scheduled to end by 2014. >>> as some americans leave the fight, the u.s
. >>> jennifer lawrence speaks about her stumble to the stage, and the southeast seth macfarlane moments that everybody is talking about. we come to you live this morning from the roosevelt hotel in los angeles. >>> good morning, welcome, everybody. our starting point this morning, the morning after hollywood's biggest night. the 85th oscar has lots of song and dance, a couple of upsets and a few surprise endings as well. also history being made. daniel day-lewis winning his third best actress award and revealing how he nearly lost the role of lincoln to another screen legend. i think he was joking, let's listen. >> before we decided to do a straight swab, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. and -- and meryl was steven's first choice for lincoln. and i would like to see that version. >> we would all like to see that. cnn's nischelle turner joins us now. she watched it all. >> and now for the moment we have all been waiting for -- >> first lady michelle obama gave the oscars a jolt of excitement and a huge surprise when she appeared from the white house to announce be
. >> "argo" has a good chance. >> reporter: pressure is on host seth macfarlane who is putting the final touches on his performance. >> adele will be the opening monolog andly sing sky fall eye love seth macfarlane. he can sing, impersonate anybody. >> reporter: then the fashions seen from around the world with hollywood leading ladies making last-minute dress decisions. last-minute touches going on at the governor's ball where celebrity chef wolfgang puck is creating 30 dishes. one night full of food, fun and celebrations to see who takes home oscar gold. excitement is building here on the red carpet. there are a knew favorites this -- few favorites, anne hathaway and daniel day-lewis. >>> now a face you may not necessarily recognize. >> when you hear his music you will know it. the composer john williams is the most nominated man in oscar history. on sunday he is up for his work on "lincoln." spielberg credits williams. his best known work is just two notes. one of the favorites came for his score for star wars. >> to turn around and see them all waving these light sabres, you couldn't
thought it was unpredictable. seth macfarlane unpredictable. i woke up to half saying i loved it. the other half, the worst we had. perfect show. >> there was a mixed reaction from our viewers as well. we said people who said they loved seth macfarlane. other people who said they wanted him to be more risque, others who said he was too much that way. i thought he did a great job. he took the ceremony and made fun of a lot of things and did it where the oscars are known as being the one that is the stiffest and the most formal. >> and so predictable. the thing about seth i liked, and the thing is if you know seth macfarlane from family guy, from ted the movie, and so on, you know what you're going to get. if you don't know him, i can imagine he's a culture shock. what i liked was he was unpredictable. he did an early song called "show us your boobs" or whatever it was, and everybody is saying, you can't do that at the oscars. he just did it, everyone. >> it was a great thing, and i loved the ending as they paid tribute to the losers. it was something different and unusual, and i r
forward to the most tonight. >> seth macfarlane. >> so am i. >> i was skeptical it was announced he was going to be the host but when i saw him making the announcements of the nominees, he was so funny and great at that moment. i'm looking forward to how he'll do tonight. >> he's a genius. he can sing, dance, do it all. are you excited? >> yes, i think he's going to be a great perspective to the show. he's fresh. he's unpredictable. iment excited about the music appear musical, jennifer hudson, barbara streisand, shirley ba basse. >> they're trying to get a younger demographic. >> for the first time they're not going to let the show end with the announce many of best picture. seth macfarlane and kristin are going to do a musical. >> what about best picture? >> i think "lincoln" will take it. >> really? there's buzz it's going to be "argo." >> you can't present what oscar will do because it's an older guard. social media has been presenting this momentum for "argo" but i think "lincoln" will still take it. >> do you agree? >> i disagree. i think "argo" is going to take it, even thoug
to make tommy lee jones laugh begins now. >> reporter: seth macfarlane took a cheeky tone. poking fun at himself from a victory of captain kirk. >> worst oscar host, is that bad? >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> reporter: and there were full-throated performances from "chicago," "draeamgirls" and "h will misser he will miserables." and shirley got a standing ovation after the theme from "goldfinger" sung and adele got the best oscar. and barbra streisand sang "memories." >> i was here 15 years ago or something, and i went out, never thought i would be hack here, and i am. and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life, because that is going to happen. you have to get back up. >> reporter: that was a very good night, a very good moment last night. one of the things i don't know if people caught the fact that george clooney was also on stage there with ben affleck and the other producers of "argo." he didn't say a word during the whole speech. i said why didn't you say anything? he told me simply this was ben's night. it was ben's moment to kind of redeem himself for that oscar snub, and i
press, to the secret rehearsals for host seth macfarlane. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: the red carpet is out. the statues delivered. the champagne chilled. there's nothing left to do but the final touches for the 85th annual oscars. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> reporter: that and to hand out all of the statues. >> hi. i'm seth macfarlane. join me at the oscars. >> reporter: host seth macfarlane is putting the final touches on his jokes. >> we will take a whole bunch of people who have everything and give them a trophy. >> reporter: at a recent rehearsal, he reportedly had the whole control room production crew and the show's director laughing hysterically. what did he say? so far, it's top-secret. >> probably the toughest audience out there. i expect to have them hating me within the first 30 seconds. >> reporter: the show's producer promised it will be a night to remember, with performances from mega a-listers like, adele. and barbra streisand. ♪ one love that is shared for two ♪ >> reporter: who hasn't sung for the oscars in 36 years. >> diva-licious is the ici
with hollywood's night of night. i just took off my tuxedo. it was the 85th oscars. music and film. and seth macfarlane can really sing. he really can. and as for the awards himself, no one film dominated. and the iran hostage thriller, "argo" came away the big winner. giving ben affleck the last lau laugh. nichelle turner has been up all night. good whatever it is for you. >> can we take the just off of there. can we say cnn's nischelle turner has been up all night. >> still, you look great. good to see you this morning. >> okay. thank you very much. yeah. it's been a great night here in hollywood. they call it hollywood's biggest night. and it definitely has been hollywood's biggest night. the 85th oscars was supposed to be a return to hollywood glamour. return to the oscars of the past everyone loved. the big production numbers. the musical acts. if that is what you love, that is what you saw. let's take a look at that. >> and now, for the moment we have all been waiting for -- >> reporter: first lady michelle obama gave the oscars a jolt of excitement and a huge surprise, when she appeared from the
the inappropriate jokes of seth macfarlane. much of the controversy comes from a musical number from the mcfarlane and the l.a. gay men's core husband performed owe we saw your boobs." as matt philbin told the managing editor of the conservative non-profit the culture and media institute told fox, quote the "we saw your boobs" song was juvenile. a valid point, and i can see how some people would be offended by the song. and then, quote and then finishing it off with the l.a. gay men's choir would have invited some questions from a nine-year-old i'd prefer not to have to answer. god for bid you'd have to have a conversation with your nine-year-old about homosexuals singing. joining me now is alison bailes and michael musto. seth macfarlane, did he pull it off. >> he made tommy lee jones laugh. there is redemption it's nice to hear the word inappropriate used for something not involving the vatican. >> john: thank you. >> as for the nine-year-old and the gays, they would have turned gay with the "chicago" and "dream girls" tribute. >> john: what about you. >> i didn't like the tony he is aw
, put me down as a seth macfarlane fan. i know there are some things i would have cut from his lines last night, but this guy reminds me of the good old days of bob hope and johnny carson. he brought back showbiz to the academy awards and the powerful moments like shirley bassey singing "goldfinger" 50 years later and the great production from "les mis" and barbra streisand paying poignant tribute to her great friend marvin hamlisch. finally, i you know i like jennifer lawrence winning for best actress because she really is. that's "hardball" for now. "the ed show" starts right now. >> good evening and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. here we are. it's sequester week in washington, and house republicans aren't negotiating. thart not even on the clock, like you and me. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little bit of compromise. >> four days until the sequester starts killing 700,000 jobs. and the speaker of the house is clueless. >> do you have a sense of how many jobs will be lost as a
years since de niro's last oscar. seth macfarlane will be hosting the show for the first time. you will see performances by adele, norra jones and barbara and a special tributet to the james bond franchise. reporting from the red carpet in hollywood. >> daniel day lewis is going to win for best actor. it is official. if he doesn't there will be mutiny. >>> you forgot your tux today, too. >> we lost our invites again. >> it happens. >> we had golden sunshine outside today. we did have the numbers in the mid 60s. a bit warmer to finish off the weekend. low 60s in sunnyville. 59 in san jose and 64 degrees in santa rosa. earlier upper 60s around parts of sonoma county. we have the winds out of the north. notice a bit of an on shore push as the weather system brings in more clouds tonight. i think there is enough lift to toss a chance of a few showers and maybe drizzle on the coast very early tomorrow morning. after that we are talking about a dry week. warming temperatures as we finish off february and move into march with more dry weather. you might notice a few of the high clouds com
producers packed the show with performances. [ singing ] >> reporter: seth macfarlane kicked it all off. [ music playing ] >> reporter: adele performed her title song from the bond movie and in a tribute, jennifer hudson with a song from dream girls. [ music playing ] [ singing ] >> reporter: "les mis" reunited as part of a evening that honored the best hollywood has to offer. >> reporter: and oscar night wouldn't be complete with a traditional after parties. that is where a lot of celebrities will be spending their time. >> people are talking about what happened, a lot of talk about ben affleck's speech. what do you think was the best moment tonight? >> reporter: i think that may go down as one of them. lot of people were hoping he would compete for best director. a lot of people thought that was a big snub, especially leading into the award season. he won every major award. but he made his speech for best picture so he still got his time. for a lot of people it was a serious snub. >> night in hollywood, thank you so much. >>> and an oscar gala in san francisco tonight, the 33 annual a
in a letter that his macfarlane degraded women as a whole. so far no comment from the academy, and seth macfarlane says he will not host again. >>> alex smith is being traded to the kansas city chiefs, but it cannot be made official until march 12th. our partners say the 49ers will get a second round pick this year, and a similar pick in the 2014 draft in exchange for smith who was a form earl number one pick. the 49ers now have more picks than any other team if this deal goes through. >> years of regulating land use and protecting lake tahoe are paying off. they're saying it has it's best clarity in ten years. it improved more than six feet from the year before president the lake's water was clear enough to see more than 57 feet down. that's only 25 feet less than when colorfulty was at it's b t at at it's best point. >>> if you suffer from allergies like a lot of us do, we'll event get good news coming our way. today we had huge temperature contrasts, a 43 degree temperature jump. gilroy started at 32 degrees this morning, and at 2:34 we saw temperatures at 75 degrees, 11 degrees abov
their gowns ready for the big night. this year's host seth macfarlane already has his attire picked out. two gucci tuxedos. and apparently he's been courted from jewelers all over the world begging him to wear their diamond cuff links and tie clips. they love you now but what would they say to you the morning after hosting the world's toughest gig. i actually wish somebody would beg me to take their jewelry. >> a million-dollar necklace. with seth macfarlane, this is so interesting for him. >>> this next one comes from orlando, florida, where one little piggy made it all the way home with a help of a sweet set of wheels. chris p. bacon. that's not my name for him. he was nearly euthanized. instead, one veterinarian fashioned a wheel hair for the little guy made out of his son's toys. chris may outgrow his ride but the internet has not outgrown the love for the bacon viral video. he is adorable. >> i'm mara schiavocampo, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00
's host seth macfarlane has picked out his attire. two gucci tuxedos. and apparently he's been courted from jewelers all over the world begging him to wear his tie clip. i actually wish somebody would beg me to take their jewelry. >> a million-dollar necklace. with seth macfarlane, this is so interesting for him. >>> this next one comes from orlando florida. where one little piggy made it ohm. chris p. bacon. get it -- i didn't name him. instead, one veterinarian fashioneded a wheelchair for the little guy made out of his son's toys. chris may outgrow his ride but the internet has not outgrown the love for the bacon viral video. >> i'm mara schiavocampo, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sandwich. it doesn't seem like fast food. there's a lot of substance, it just seems really fresh. there's like a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop is building our best breakfast sandwiches ever. new griddle-melts made fresh and hot. hand crafted just for you. it'
, and excitement building around hollywood as preparations move to the final stage. academy award nominee seth macfarlane preparing for the big moment. this would be his first time as host. he said he reached out to a former oscar host to get a few tips. >> i talked to billy crystal. he was a super nice guy and genuinely helpful. took a lot of time out of the scheduled to sit down with me. i came out of it with practical stuff. i am very grateful for him. >> can you tell me one thing he told you? >> get comfortable with your shoes before you get on stage. >> i like that. >> you don't want your pinkie toe pinched. the academy awards is sunday, february 24, right here on abc7 and arch kimble and i are getting ready to head to los angeles -- arch campbell are getting ready to have a los angeles. you can't catch them right here on abc7 sunday night at 7:00. >> and conan o'brien is headed back to washington. the late-night talk-show host is headlining this year's white house correspondents' dinner at the end of april. the announcement was made this morning over twitter. this will be his second time
with past oscar winners like jennifer hudson. and seth macfarlane as the host for the first time. the reviews on his performance are wide-ranging. what may matter most is the ratings. early indications showed they are up. abc news reporting. >> there was plenty of talk about last night's fashions in hollywood. no one aboard better than sean fine, wearing his rgiii stocks on the red carpet. he was nominated for his documentary ""inocente." these are the inspirational rgiii stocks. that's rgiii's adopted a slogan that you see on the socks. that's a statement for the red carpet. a much different scene for people in louisiana. dramatic video of hailstorms that moved into new orleans around the same time the awards ceremony got under way. it lasted about 20 minutes before gave way to rain. now the area is pressing for even more storms later tonight. jacqui jeras is joining us. we are very lucky. we had such a good day yesterday and i thought that we would never get it again. but you tell me we will have it again tomorrow. >> yes, but even better because the wind is calm. a beautiful
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information about it at the team's website. and once apparently was more than enough for seth macfarlane. the academy awards drew more than 40 million viewers. you have to give part of that credit to the big increase in young male viewers who just happen to be fans of macfarlane's animated shows. >>> from the animated shows to the real animals. very little is safe in washington with $85 billion in federal budget cuts set to begin on friday. and that includes vital research at the national zoo. >> a rare tiger and now one of the most closely watched animals at the smithsonian national zoo. >> line up. >> where everyone has one question, is she or isn't she? >> we are hopeful. fingers crossed that she is pregnant. >> the only way to tell for sure is through an ultrasound. what does that have to do with the sequester? it turns out, getting deni ready for her ultrasound takes daily training. >> training, research, things like this would be the first things on my list. >> and research is what the zoo is known for across the world. it was the first to identify a fungus that c
's host. the academy chose seth macfarlane, the guy behind the show "family guy" over on big fox. he's known for pushing humor, well, to the limit. during the nomination ceremony last month, he cracked a joke about hitler. the show also taken aim at celebrities, many of them sure to be in the audience on sunday night. even if seth macfarlane let's the stars off early, we can still expect to see plenty of tears. folks at the web site thank the academy studied hundreds of past acceptance speeches and according to the research, 21% of actors cry when they accept their awards. one out of five. compare that with just 3% of directors and the water works are apparently recent trend. with 71% of the tears falling since 1995. good work. >>> the pentagon's most ex opinionsive weapons program, the most has hit a huge snag. tonight it's grounded an entire fleet of fighter jets and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars could be on the line. plus, the woman who admits she shot her ex-boyfriend, slit his throat and stabbed him 27 times. of course, she doesn't remember the stabbing part. today he
weren't expecting seth macfarlane to be the character that he was. >> he was edgy, he was all kinds of things. he was very funny. >> he brought a little bit of everything and i think he surprised a lot of people. >>> from movie fans to nascar fans. with a brand-new winner of the daytona 500, there are age-old questions about safety after that terrible accident on the track injured dozens of spectators in the stands. >> still can't believe it when i look at that video. >>> also this morning, the capitol hill budget showdown resuming in a matter of hours. can members of congress act on a budget cut going into effect this friday? >>> but first, we want to get to this. the big awards honored several different movies, including some surprise winners. >> and there was the fashion and the faux pas. abc's brandi hitt definitely not a faux pas joining us from los angeles. looking like a movie star in her own right. brandi? >> good morning, john and diana. thank you very much.
begins now. >> reporter: seth macfarlane securing stars and poking fun at himself during a visit from captain kirk. >> seth macfarlane, worst oscar host. it's that bad? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: music, though, was the theme of the night and the show boasted full-throated performances from the cast of "chicago," "dream girls" and "less miserables" and music was a memorable part of oscar's 50th anniversary tribute to james bond. shirley got a standing ovation after belting out "goldfinger." and adele sang "skyfall," and barbara streisand returned to the stage to sing "memories." >> i was here 15 years ago or something and i went out, you know, and i never thought that i would be back here. and i am. and it doesn't matter how you get knocked down in life because that's going to happen. all that matters is that you've got to get up. >> reporter: michelle turner, cnn, hollywood. >> ben affleck. thanks for watching, everyone. "around the world" is next. >>> i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. >> welcome to "around the world," we begin in vatican city. pope benedict xvi's final days i
first sang "goldfinger" in 1964? i could've done without the host seth macfarlane ode to actresses who show their breasts a movie love scenes. "washington post" called him only so-so at standup. no one film dominated. ":life of pi" won four awards. "argo" won three awards. and to awards apiece went to three other films as you see there. david: i think seth macfarlane was funny and i think shirley nailed it singing "goldfinger." belting out the way she did. dennis: i'm happy for her, but i wanted to see more awards. david: dennis, thank you. lauren: you forgot to talk about the fashion. things got a little messy in miami over the weekend. that story next when we go off the desk.
for seth macfarlane. why some california lawmakers are speaking out against the oscar host. >> and a plan to help preserve one of the beauties of yosemite national park. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure thisut. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ >> this morni
night's oscars from host seth macfarlane's performance to the night's biggest surprises. stay tuned. face it with puffs ultra soft & strong. puffs has soft, air-fluffed pillows for 40% more cushiony thickness. face every day with puffs softness. [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] [ male announcer ] halls. let the cool in. [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. [ female announcer ] for everything your face has to face. face it with puffs ultra soft & strong. puffs has soft, air-fluffed pillows for 40% more cushiony thickness. face every day with puffs softness. >>> we brought you a number of stories on this program about the republican effort to rig future presidential elections. so far attempts by republicans in four swing states to rig electoral college votes have failed. but this is not the case in pennsylvania. keystone state republicans have just introduced a new bill that would change the way they allocate electoral votes. under the plan, a
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's oscars from seth macfarlane's performance to the night's biggest surprises. stay tuned. >>> we brought you a number of stories on this program about the republican effort to rig future presidential elections. so far attempts by republicans in four swing states to rig electoral college votes have failed. but this is not the case in pennsylvania. keystone state republicans have just introduced a new bill that would change the way they allocate electoral votes. under the plan, a large chunk of pennsylvania's electoral votes would be awarded to the republican candidate, even if they didn't win the state. two votes would go to the winner of the popular vote, but the rest would be split based on vote percentage. gerrymandering. that's what it's all about for them. if bills like this are passed in other swing states, it would greatly increase the chances of a republican winning the white house. not surprisingly, this bill comes right out of the rnc chair's playbook. in january, reince priebus said republican-controlled swing states should change the way they award electoral votes. he argued a
she dreamed. >> it came true. >> reporter: mark wahlberg presented with seth macfarlane's ted. >> no b.s., we have a tie. >> reporter: winning outright, "the life of pi" with four awards overall. >> thank you for taking leap with me. >> reporter: and yes, we heard the people sing from the cast of "les mis" to legend barbra streisand. ♪ of the smiles we left behind >> reporter: and dream girl jennifer hisson who brought down the house with "and i'm telling y you." meanwhile, seth mawas sizzling. >> your jokes are taste lest and inappropriate and everyone ends up hating you. >> a winning prat fall as we saw from jennifer lawrence. george, just one of really the power players of young hollywood that you got dhans to meet last night. >> twakd to both leading ladies. anne hathaway, jennifer lawrence. they got the actors, bumped them, and had a lot of fun. you looked shell shocked when your name was announced. >> and the oscar goes to, jennifer lawrence. "silver linings playbook." >> well, yeah. i feel like i can't remember it. it was an insane moment. and -- it was just really exciting. r
the road to gold last night? the academy awards. it was a late night, seth mcmarm macfarlane was great, or not, according to some people. there were dramatic falls on stage, a huge comeback, and i have all the highlights for you right now of hollywood's biggest night. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama gave the oscars a huge surprise when she named the best picture. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." >> reporter: it was an especially sweet victory for ben affleck, who wasn't even dominated for directing the iranian hostage thriller. >> i think everyone on the movie, directed this movie -- >> reporter: "life of pi" about a boy adrift at sea with a tiger won the most, four, including best director, ang lee. he played lincoln's leading man, daniel day-lewis made history, becoming the first male actor to win three oscars. >> so grateful to the academy for this beautiful honor. >> reporter: she took a tumble heading to the stage but everyone else was on their feet when jennifer lawrence won for best actress. >> you guys are just standing up because you feel bad i fell and that's embarrass
: i didn't know all these guys could sing! did you know seth macfarlane could sing? >> the family guy, the opening of the show, he's an incredible singer. he's very talented. but the "les mis" cast, they all sang live in the music. >> peter: daniel day-lewis, can he sing? he won for lincoln? >> i think he could do anything. he could do anything. he's incredible. >> brian: he gets best actor. here is what he sounded like. >> it's a strange thing because three years ago before we decided to do a straight swap, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: he could probable lea do that, too. michael, what did you think of it? i don't know if you heard donald trump earlier didn't like his depiction of lincoln. >> he was a little rough, donald, wasn't he? but daniel, he's amazing and he was so funny. i was kind of surprised at how he was surprised that he won. >> peter: what about best actress? did you get a chance to meet jennifer lawrence last night? >> i did. i had an opportunity to one on one with jlaw herself, hollywood's latest it girl. she was fa
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